Here’s What You Can Do to Ease Moving

Relocation requires careful planning and research to find a truly reliable company that is licensed and insured. Choosing wrong can have expensive consequences, such as property that is damaged or downright stolen.

You can check whether moving companies in Chicagoare insured or whether there are any complaints about them by obtaining their DOT (short for Department of Transportation) number; either call DOT, or enter that number in the SAFER system of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Alternatively, ask Chicago moving and storage companies directly about their coverage policy, and whether it is based on the total weight, the assessed value, or the full replacement value of your items. If you own expensive items, it is best to stay away from coverage that is based on weight, because the reimbursement will not cover the real value of your belongings.

Do your part

Your job does not end there, though. After selecting one of the Chicago long distance moving companies, agree together on a move date. For everything to run smoothly, make your requirements known in advance, such as if you need the mover to supply you with empty boxes, or to pack your things before loading them. Similarly, if you have to change your moving day, let them know as soon as possible.

Before the movers arrive, make sure to disconnect all appliances and pay attention to packing. Use thick layers of paper or plastic wrappers to protect each individual item and to cushion the bottom and top of the boxes. Do not overload the boxes, and tape them carefully. Note that most often, moving companies in Chicago will not insure any items that you pack yourself, though.

If you have pets, remember to keep them in a secure place during the process, so as to prevent delays and accidents. Similarly, if you are not home on the day of the move, make sure there is a friend or family who can watch your pets and keep them safe.

Moreover, once relocation is completed, you will have to put back together any delicate items that you have taken apart, whereas if you asked the staff of Chicago moving companies to break them up, then they should be the ones to reassemble the pieces. Finally, if your building has an elevator, alert the building manager in advance that you will need to use it more often on the agreed move day; having to wait for the elevator every time staff needs to shift items can cause great delays in your relocation schedule.

Consider that most moving companies in Chicago relocate tons of furniture each year, so accidents where things break are bound to happen every now and then. This can be very frustrating to you should it happen, but Chicago moving companies not acknowledging it can be even more so. Make sure to let them know immediately so that they can reimburse you. That is why it is important to look from the very beginning formoving companies in Chicago with a track record of fair claims settlements that are dealt with swiftly.

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